‘Sublimation Mask-Piotrow Trybunalski’ 2007

 ‘Sublimation Mask-Piotrow Trybunalski’, Interakcje, Piotrow Trybunalski, Poland

Sublimation 2006

 July, Sublimation St. George, Ares, 2006, Sf Georghe, Romania 

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


·       April, Group Action’ Performance Monthly meeting with Bbeyond, SHAC Building Donegall St, Writer’s Square, Belfast
·       Mar, Group Action’ Performance Monthly meeting with Bbeyond, Lisburn Park, Lisburn.
·       Feb,’ Group Action’ Performance Monthly meeting with Bbeyond, Musgrave Park, Belfast.
·       Feb, ‘Performance Collective Jam’ group action with the Performance Collective at Catalyst Arts, Belfast.
·       Feb, ‘ Lying line, walking line, Group action with horse’ as part of Bbeyond Documentation 2001 -2008 Show at University of Ulster Foyer Gallery.
·       Feb, ‘6 Artists from Belfast-Group Action’ National Review of Live Art, Glasgow.
·       Jan, ’ Group Action’ Performance Monthly meeting with Bbeyond, Botanic Park,

·       Dec, ’ Group Action’ Performance Monthly meeting with Bbeyond, Ormeau Park,
·       Nov,’ Group Action’ Performance Monthly meeting with Bbeyond, Walled             Victorian Garden, off Edenderry Rd, Belfast.
·       Aug, ‘Group Action’ Performance Monthly meeting with Bbeyond, Larrybane Quarry, Co. Antrim.
·       July, ‘Group Action’ Performance Monthly meeting with Bbeyond, Underpass of   York St Station, Belfast.
·       July, ‘Sublimation with Black Pig-Cavan’ Cavan Arts Festival, Cavan town Centre.
·       June, ‘Group Action’ Performance Monthly meeting with Bbeyond, Underpass of         
            York St Station, Belfast.
·       May, ‘Group Action’ Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, Lower Garlield St, Belfast.
·       Mar, ‘ Subsidization improvisation’ Action Art Workshop with Elvira Santamaria,
Flaxart Studios, Belfast.
·       Feb, ‘Sublimation with pigs feet’, Bbeyond Exchange Places;Pitt Bull Terriers,
Catalyst Arts, Belfast.
·       Jan, ‘SublimationVI-Helsinki’, La Bas –Bbeyond, Taidehalli Helsinki

·       Nov, Bbeyond Group Action, ‘7 People + a table’, FIX07, Catalyst Arts, Belfast
·        Nov, ‘Sublimation VI-Basel’ Siebenma Performance Art, Kasko, Basel,                        Switzerland
·       Oct,  Group Action’ Ex-Cite Project, Conway Mill, Belfast.
·       Oct, Sublimation, Oronsko, Poland.
·       Oct, ‘Sublimation VI- Warsaw’, The Differences, Warsaw, Poland.
·       Sept, ‘ Sublimation Mask -Sete’, Infr’Action, Sete, France           
·       Aug, ‘Operation Ambassadors Group Workshop Presentation’, Bbeyond, Marilyn Arsem workshop, Cresent Art, Belfast
·       July, ‘Group Action’ – Ex-Cite Project, Cregagh Glen, Belfast             
·       July, ‘Group Action –Catalyst’ ARES, Catalyst Arts, Belfast.
·       June, ‘Sublimation with Black Pig-Omagh’ ARES, Omagh, N. Ireland.
·       June, ‘Group Action’ Ex-Cite Project, Dry Dock, Belfast.
·       May, ‘Group Action’ Ex-Cite Project, Botanic Park, Belfast
·       May, Sublimation V-Mostowa 2, Krakow, Poland.
·       May, ‘Sublimation Mask Bietsko’ Bietsko, Poland.
·       May, ‘Group Action’ Interakcje, Piotrow Trybunalski, Poland
·       May, ‘Sublimation Mask-Piotrow Trybunalski’, Interakcje, Piotrow Trybunalski,    Poland
·       Apr, “Group Action” Barge on Lagan, Ex-Cite Project, Belfast
·       Mar, ‘Group Action with B. Nieslony and Barbra Strum, ‘undisclosed   territorties’ Solo, Indonesia.
·       Mar, ‘Group Action’ –Operation Ambassadors- Boris Nieslony, Bbeyond, Custom Hse    Square, Belfast
·       Feb, ‘Mask Sublimation- Custom Hse Square, Ex-Cite Project, Belfast

·       Oct, Sublimation IV, Black Box, Belfast
·       Sept, Sublimation IV, RIAP 06 Galerie Rouge, Québec City
·       Sept, Sublimation IV, Language Plus, Alma, Québec
·       July, Sublimation, Group performance, Ares 2006, Museum of the Revolution, Timisoara, Romania.
·       July, ‘Marlene’ Group Action, Ares 2006, Timisoara, Romania
·       July, Sublimation St. George, Ares, 2006, Sf Georghe, Romania
·       Feb, Sublination III, Performance at 13th NIIPAF, Die Platze, Tokyo
·       Feb, Sublimation III, Performance at 13th NIIPAF, Aichi, Oz Mall Nagoya.
·       Feb, Sublimation III, Performance at 13th NIIPAF, Cultural Institute, Gunma, Maebashi
·       Feb, Sublimation III, Performance at 13th NIIPAF, Neon Hall, Nagana

·       Nov,  ‘Bellfast Catalyst’, Performance for Open Relations II, Catalyst Arts, Belfast.
·       Sept. “Sublimation II, Performance at 4th Encuentro International,Merida, Mexico.
·       July,’….and the word was Handlung’, Performance at Die Kunst der Handlung, Berlin
·       June, ‘Sisyphus’ Perfromance at ‘In Place of Passing, Ballintoy, Northern Ireland.
·       May, ‘Sublimation I’, Performance at Interakcje, Piotrow Trybunalski,Poland

·       May, 'Omnibus Route 77', Transport Workers Union, Belfast.

·       Dec, 'From Ritual to Romance', Catalyst Arts, Belfast
·       June, 'Artworks', a touring show, in Ulster

·       Sept. 'Milieux', Le Lieu, Québec City, Québec
·       Aug, HorseHead project, Waterworks, Belfast
·       June, 'Langua de trapo', Valencia, Spain.

·       Sept. ‘Ploughshare’ shown at 'Forty Shades and Notions', Kingston, New York.
·       May. 'Lookout Outlook', Lanckorona, Poland.
·       May. 'Rev. Todds Full House', Grassy Knolls Production, Belfast.

·       Dec, ‘ 20th Century Museum’, Members Show, Catalyst Arts, Belfast.
·       Oct, ‘en route - Cultural Baggage’, Catalyst Arts, Belfast.
·       Jan, ‘Directors Show’, Catalyst Arts, Belfast

·       Dec, ‘Open Plan’, Members Show, Catalyst Arts, Belfast           
·       Nov, ‘Invitation’, The Context Gallery, Derry
·       Oct, ‘Splatter’, Catalyst Arts project at Crawfordsburn, Co.Down.
·       Sept, ‘Singled Out’, Catalyst Arts, Belfast
·       Feb, ‘Art Rebels’, Catalyst Arts, Belfast

·       June, ‘Monaghan Open Exhibition’, The County Museum Gallery, Monaghan

·       Oct, ‘MA Show’ Slaughterhouse Gallery, London
·       May, ‘Containment’ ‘1991 Contain 2002’, The Student Gallery, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
·       March, ‘Artists Underground’, Holywood, Co. Down
·       Feb, ‘Mid-term Show’, Design Centre, Belfast.
·       Feb, ‘Revolution Revelation’, Bookfinders, Belfast
·       June,‘Counterparts’ an exchange exhibition with the Dublin College of Art, Dublin

  • In Place of Passing, Bbeyond Interface publication, report on production pages 10-12.
  • FIX02, Catalyst Arts Publication, ‘Performing the City’ by Brian Patterson.